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stirnholz Verlag "Der Schnipsel #21" Magazine

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Who is allowed to translate whom and will people have to deal with this at all in the future? What barriers lie in everyday life with disabilities? In the 21st issue of the Kiel literary magazine Der Schnipsel, 20 authors devote 140 pages to the topic of „Inter_space and barrier" - linguistic, social, everyday, tangible, abstract and geographical.

With texts by:

Alexandra Wolf, Leah Ingrid Schrader, Mat­thias Becher, Alexei Vesselov, Ida Milan, Julia Knaß, Neele Marie Denker, Nike Rautenberg, Nora Gerken, Roman Paul Widera, Sophie Stroux, Alisa Woronow, Hatice Acikgoez, Henrik Failmezger, Jonny Ardor, Lea Sauer, Lisa Warnke, Pierre Stoltenfeldt, Sebastian Galyga and Stefan Sommer

Publisher, editors:

Dara Brexendorf, Maline Kotetzki, Elena Kruse, Birger Niehaus, Katharina Noß, Kaspar Pansegrau, Alisa Woronow, Zara Zerbe and Nikolai Ziemer


  • 16 × 24 cm
  • 140 pages
  • ISBN 978-3-948115-12-8


  • stirnholz Verlag, 2021